How can we navigate organizations, municipalities and other systems to contribute to and to build  a sustainable future? As a Mediator and Consultant I facilitate programs and advise systems to shape a sustainable (organisational) culture.  For me culture is the base to change systems which lead into such a future. But the culture needs to be influenced by many and not just a few, a so-called we-culture. Part of that is the understanding that conflicts are catalysts for ongoing and much needed change, and so a first step to activate a posture to reach such a culture - I call this posture Mediative Leadership.

conflict management

In my role as a Mediator I support teams, startups, founder or shareholders and other parties to transform conflicts in a self-rsponsible way. By conflict management, parties are able to rebuild trust and therefore activate new potential of creation on individual and collective level. In conflict management processes I combine models such as Spiral Dynamics for the analysis of conflicts with tools like Non Violent Communication to regain peaceful communication.


Organisational Transformation

In times of disruptive change and complexity, Leadership needs to be in the hands of many and not just a few. That offers a new paradigm for organisations who need to establish a new culture, in which individuals shift their power more and more to the collective. The base is a so called we-culture, successfully lived by few organizations who implemented self-management as a structure and follow purpose rather than strategies as a daily navigation. But how is a shift towards such a culture possible? I conceptualize and facilitate programs to support such shifts in culture through diverse impulses, following the biggest need in your organisation.


What skills do we need to shape a sustainable future? In my open seminar Conflict Management participants strengten understanding, consciousness and their communication to transform conflicts in their specific working environments. In the seminar Reinventing Work we share posture, tools and procedures to create purpose driven organisations following the breakthroughs established by Frederic Laloux.